BIG SUR LOOP FAQ version 2.1

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1. THE RIDE: This is a weekend ride starting in Carmel, traveling south on Highway-1 past Big Sur and Lucia, then turning inland up Nacimiento-Fergusson Road through Fort Hunter-Liggett and on to King City where we spend the night at Keefer's Inn. We return to Carmel on the second day by way of Greenfield and Carmel Valley Road with a nice detour along Cachagua Rd.Cue sheets for both days will be provided.

2. SAG: Margaret and Richard will be driving their van and can deliver your small overnight bag to King City Saturday and to the finish in Carmel Sunday. You may also pack a lunch bag Saturday that will be delivered to the Lucia rest stop at mile 50.†† Be prepared to complete the ride under your own power.Due to limited daylight you will need to ride the first day at an M pace.Please be available to share driving duty if needed so that Margaret and Richard can do some riding too.

3. STARTING TIME AND LOCATION: We roll 7:30 AM Saturday October 30, 2004. The starting location is Carmel High School on the east side Highway-1 across from Ocean Ave.Most participants will drive to the start from San Jose.Sorry, I am unable to recommend a place to stay if you want to come down the night before.

4. MOTEL: We will spend Saturday night at Keefer's Inn in King City (615 Canal St at Highway 101).Make your own reservations (831-385-4843). Mention you are part of the ACTC bicycle tour for best rates.Keefer's has a pool and Jacuzzi, so you may want to bring a swimsuit.Let me know if you are looking to share a room and Iíll let you know of others with similar requests.

5. MILEAGE, CLIMBING, AND REST STOPS: The first day is a century consisting of four segments (approximate):

Part 1: 25 mi, 1675 ft - Big Sur Rest Stop

Part 2: 25 mi, 2780 ft - Lucia Lunch Stop

Part 3: 30 mi, 3180 ft - Hunter-Liggett Rest Stop

Part 4: 20 mi, 545 ft - King City End Keefers Inn

Part 1 is 25 miles with 1675 feet of climbing to Big Sur.  There is a store with snacks and restrooms. Part 2 is 25 miles (50 total) with 2780 feet of climbing (4455 total) to Lucia. It too has a store with snacks and restrooms. We will have lunch here. Part 3 is 30 miles (80 total) with 3180 feet of climbing (7635 total) to Fort Hunter-Liggett. This section includes a 7 mile 2600 foot climb up Nacimiento-Furgusson Rd.Finally, Part 4 is 20 miles (100 total) to King City with just 545 feet of climbing (8180 total) and 1255 feet of descending.

6. SATURDAY NIGHT: The routine is shower, soak in the spa, and meet at Margaretís room for wine and cheese (not necessarily in that order).Dinner will be at Margieís Diner across the parking lot.

7. SUNDAY MORNING:Enjoy an extra hour of sleep as we switch back to standard time and meet at Margieís 7:00 AM for breakfast.Weíll roll 8:00 AM.

8. COST: Expect a nominal fee, estimated to be $10.00, to cover the cost of gas, drinks/snacks at rest stops, and other goodies.

9. FORT HUNTER-LIGGETT: This is an active military training facility. Photo ID may be required to enter. Roads are subject to temporary closure during training maneuvers.

10.RSVP: Please let us know if you plan to participate by October 20.We need to know how much to spend at Costco to supply the SAG van.

-- Jerry Schonewille 9/16/04